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Our Work

Council provides a range of direct services to the community in the form of advice, advocacy, referral, education.

Family Support: Early intervention support for families relating to issues including child behavioural management, employment, mental health and housing. Case management is provided for an average of 3 months for young people and families requiring support in accessing appropriate services.

Arabic Seniors Social and Information Network (ASSIN): Social Support for elderly people including introduction to meal services and neighbour aid. A community bus is also available.

NDIS Gateway and Support Coordination: for people with a disability to navigate and coordinate NDIS services.

Parenting Groups: Parenting group activities including speech therapy, dietitian and fitness.

Playgroup: weekly playgroups for children under 5 years of age and their parents.

Sanadi Foundation: Support and education for people diagnosed with cancer and their families.

Living Better with COVID-19: Community education sessions with resources on preparing for COVID infection and how to manage COVID at home.

Living Safely with COVID-19: Distribution of COVID safety packs, increasing awareness of COVID safety practices and improving access to government information resources.

EAPA: Emergency relief assistance for gas and electricity bills

Food Aid: (intermittent — please contact us for details)

Work and Development Order Program: A program that assists clients with acute financial hardship to pay fines held with the State Debt Recovery Office.

Community building and engagement projects:

From the Ground Up to Equality: Community education project re change in attitudes towards gender inequality and gendered drivers to domestic violence

Arability: support for people with disability, their carers and siblings.

Climate Change: community awareness, training and projects

Reconnecting East and West Sydney: driven by young people to enhance connections and understanding between Sydney East and West

Cultural awareness training and seminars:

Arabic Workers Network (AWN): information sharing and skills development activities of workers across NSW

Volunteer Program: develop the volunteers' skills in their particular area of interest.

Intern Program: provide work placement for students from Universities, TAFEs, High Schools to enhance and acquire skills.