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Posted in News on 14 February, 2024

Understanding and Navigating Life in Australia Program

Arab Council Australia will be running a community and civic connection program aimed at supporting the integration of newly arrived migrants and multicultural communities

within the Fairfield and Canterbury Bankstown Local Government Areas (LGAs). 
The program, named “Community and Civic Connection: Understanding and Navigating Life in Australia,” focuses on facilitating access to 

services, education, and employment for individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.
The initiative aims to enhance participants' knowledge of Australian, culture and civic systems, while also addressing issues of isolation within these communities.

Targeted communities include Arabic, Vietnamese, Assyrian, and Chinese groups within the specified LGAs.
Council will conduct workshops and group activities tailored to these communities, to improve understanding of local, state, and federal Australian services and processes.

This program is part of the broader “Fostering Integration Program” funded by the Department of Home Affairs, reflecting a commitment to multicultural integration.
For those interested in participating or referring individuals to the program, contact information is available through Council's Culture & Engagement Manager, Mr. Hassan Moussa, at hassan@arabcouncil.org.au or by phone on 02 9709 4333 or 0400 891 198

This program represents ACA's ongoing efforts to support multicultural communities and facilitate their integration into Australian society.
This project was made possible through funding from the Department Of Home Affairs under the “Fostering Integration Program”.

Click on the link below for the information sheet.