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Posted in News on 22 Sepember, 2017

Arab Council Australia for Marriage Equality
Arab Council Australia is proud to stand together with other groups in support of marriage equality.

People who identify as LGBTIQ are an integral part of our community and are entitled to the same freedoms and rights and the recognition before the law as every other citizen in this country.

Arab Council Australia stands by its values and works tirelessly on combating discrimination. inequality and injustice in all its forms.

As Arab Australians, we know all too well the pain of exclusion and discrimination. In knowing this, how could we stand by and allow this hurt to be inflicted on to others — let alone our own?

We acknowledge the diversity of views in our community on the issue of marriage equality. This diversity reflects our democracy and the freedoms we enjoy. We also recognise that equality for some is not equality at all and that selective equality is fundamentally against justice.

Arab Council Australia believes that a survey of the population was neither necessary nor desirable. However, we are here now. Let us hope that the outcome upholds the principles of human rights, justice and equality.

We look forward to the day when we are not as driven by our fears but more by our love and wanting the best that life can bring to all peoples.

Please join us in ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and equally under the law.

You can read the joint statement from the THE YES ALLIANCE here

For more information visit www.theyesalliance.com.au