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Annual reports
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Arab Council Australia Constitution
Arab Council Australia Strategic Plan  2021-2025
Arab Council Australia: 40 Years Anniversary Commemorative Flyer
Media Releases
Media Release - Arab Council Australia's 2021 AGM
Media Release-Arab Council urges all Australians to help people affected by the Beirut explosion
Arab Council hosts NSW Premier's Woman of the Year at its AGM 28 November 2018
Arab Council condemns the USA's unconscionable decision on Jerusalem 11 December 2017
Media Release Arab Council holds its AGM and pledges its support to the Racism. It Stops With Me Campaign 30th November, 2016
Media Release Arab Council urges all Australians to help Syrian families 18th October, 2016
Media Release Taking the awkward out of talking about problem gambling 24th May, 2016
Media Release Arab Council launches its five year Strategic Plan and elects a new Board 20th April, 2016
Media Release A Great Win For Our Communities 7th August, 2014
Media Release The Government's proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act threaten social inclusion and cohesion for 31st March, 2014
Media Release-Community leaders reject mooted changes to race hate laws 30th March, 2014
Media Release-Arab Council meets with the Member for Banks 30th March, 2014
Media Release Coalition MP Breaks Ranks with Federal Government on Section 18C 30th March, 2014
Media Release Indigenous, ethnic groups unite against law changes 24th November, 2013
Media Release-Arab Council urges support for Red Cross Syria Crisis Appeal 28th October, 2013
Media Release-Arab Council Raises Awareness during Anti-Poverty Week 19th October, 2013
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